Last week's show: tributes, trials and tribulations!

January 28, 2018

So – last week’s show began with a ‘Guess the Theme’ from Hardy Milts! The Chatroom was buzzing with ideas, and eventually the theme was guessed! All the tunes were titled after novels by the author Ursula Le Guin. She died on Wednesday 24 January at the age of 88. One of the most influential writers of Science Fiction, and well known for her commentary on social issues and politics generally.


Old Father Shine’s show was the usual eclectic mix of lesser-known tunes. Of course, he played The Fall: Mark E Smith also died last week… a guy whose act went through dozens of members, with Mark himself the only one to appear on every piece of music. Asked about the continually changing line-up, he once said ‘If it’s your granny on bongos, and me, - then it’s The Fall!’

Jack Nash, aka ‘Brighton till I Fly’, stepped up last minute for the 9pm slot. There were some gremlins in the works! But after trials and tribulations, and sheer determination, he, and ‘The Editor’, got going for a two-hour special of chaos! He also managed to attract a lot of dodgy characters into the Chatroom!


11pm brought some sanity to the show, with Rut returning! Another superb Drum & Bass Session – live from a house party! He went back to back with DJ Constant, too, which was a special treat!


At midnight, DJ Gadget joined us live from some hotel room in Benidorm! Random ‘Energy Trance’! He played till the early hours; despite having a plane to catch at 6.30am! What a trooper!


It was another great evening on the The Thursday Night Show – gremlins and all! Ha!


Do join us next week! Get yourself into the Chatroom if you can! It’s always a lot of fun!



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