Last week's show: the return of vinyl!

The show opened with another Hardy Milts ‘Guess the Theme’ - easy one this week! The theme was simply ‘cars’! Then Shine gave us another eclectic tour of the world’s music from his collection; super show, as always!

This week saw the return of David de Vynel!! He played some of his favourite tracks from a huge stack of vinyl! Some oldies, of course! But some recent releases too – including the latest from Gary Numan; Savage. My favourite release from 2017! So I very much enjoyed that! Lots of classics, and nice to hear them played off of the vinyl. We can’t fully appreciate the effect, once they’ve been encoded and sent over the Internet… But you could certainly hear a difference – which surprised me!

Jack Nash was back, too, with ‘The Editor’! The Lonely Artist Cast! ‘Zoo Radio’, it was called back in the day :) Two people talking nonsense might be a better description? Ha! They seem to keep the Chatroom buzzing every time! 80’s favourites, chatting amongst themselves, in-jokes that we might get in future shows?! I’m looking forward to the next one!

Fondle the Dragon joined us at 11pm, live from Rhode Island in the US! With a clutch of album tracks, all of which were realeased last year. Some proper Heavy Metal, and also some really interesting tunes that you might not even place in the ‘Metal’ genre? There was one, in particular, that caught my interest – Chon – Homey. Chon have put it on YT, and it’s wonderful! Well worth checking out!

Then Gadget played from 12am till the early hours as usual, hurray! Somewhat chilled Trance tunes, this week, for those of us who were feeling a bit stressed! Pfft! (Of which I was one! Ha!)

Do join us next week if you can! And please say ‘hello’ in the Chatroom! We love to hear from you!!!

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