Last week's show: new, eclectic and alternative music all night!

The show opened with an hour of new releases this week - tunes just out, and tracks from albums coming in the next couple of months or so...

Then we were treated to a two-hour special from Old Father Shine. Music spanning the decades, and the globe! Lots of songs you probably have never heard before!

Shine has an eclectic taste in music, and an extensive collection - it's always a joy to hear what he's picking for his specials!

The Lady Rowena was back this week too - hurray! She plays tunes that are new, classics, punk, folk... You never know what to expect! (And she has friends in the industry, of course! Pfft!)

Chipko played another of his 'Sounds of the SoundCloud' shows to take us up to midnight. He curates the alternative music that the labels have yet to discover. He focuses on the chilled beats; and if you are a fan of Electronica, his shows are essential listening...

And, of course! Gadget played till the early hours - quality Trance from the latest releases, as always!

Next time on The Thursday Night Show - another Patron's Night! Live music from the Big Beach Cafe in Brighton! Lots of talented musicians playing together just for fun! Herbie Flowers is hosting, Christina Thom working behind the scenes to make it happen! Do join us in the Chatroom if you can!! We love to hear from you! And it's going to be fantastic!!

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