Last week’s show: punk, acoustic, chilled beats, crazy metal – and dadstep on the fly!

This week began just like any other; a gentle ‘Guess the Theme’ from Hardy, another eclectic mix of unusual and well known tracks from Shine…

Then Alex Croft took the air at 9pm with a mix of cracking tunes! Some punk, some acoustic folk-rock; familiar tunes interspersed with quality music that you probably haven’t heard before! Iron & Wine, King Creosote and a few others grounded the set for me – but the rest were new, and left me with a will to seek out more!

Kreations was back at 10pm – live from Barcelona! I think we were all expecting another techno mix. Instead, he brought us a proper chilled house show! A perfect follow-on to Alex’s show, and judging by the response in the Chatroom – just the right tempo for some kitchen dancing!

Fondle the Dragon’s monthly appearance began as a total shock! He promised something ‘a bit weird, musically...’ and my goodness! He expanded his usual metal repertoire to include folk, rock and a couple of tracks for which I couldn’t even guess the genre! Pfft! Absolutely fantastic show! (And, apparently, his home in Rhode Island, US, had suffered three storms within a week, power cuts, and a good couple of feet of snow! What a trouper!

Gadget was not available for his usual Trance show this week – having been called to darkest Devon at the last minute, it fell to the Voice of Doom to carry the midnight slot at short notice! He came up with another dadstep random jungle mashup; popular tunes mixed over jungle beats – and then mixed into another, and another… It’s difficult to understand how it’s even possible!? Lots of fun! And finishing with a couple of his own recordings, on his newly home-built guitar! There seems to be no end to his talents!

So it was a fantastic evening! The chatroom was buzzing with silly nonsense about dowsing for water, body-hacking and the difference between emery paper and sand paper! Ha!

Do join us next week! Tune in, log into the Chatroom if you can! We love to hear from you!

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