Last week’s show: spring tunes, 80’s chat and Beats & Pieces!

It was the Spring Equinox this week, so Hardy opened the show with tunes from each decade, from the 1940s to the 2010s, each of which had something to do with Spring... Then Old Father Shine followed with his usual eclectic mix of music from around the world!

Lonely Artist Cast returned to the show at 9pm with an hour of random chat, interspersed with popular tracks from the 80s! There was talk of Nintendo, a few in-jokes, some crazy gifs in the Chatroom, too! Jack and Anaseed, live on air, just being themselves! Good grief! It was a lot of fun!!

At 10pm D1 gave us a Two Hour Special! Beats and Pieces! Beginning with some familiar, and lesser-known, tunes, and then segueing into a fascinating mix of breakbeat music, sourced from The Internet Archive. Quite an eye-opener; cos we all pick the odd track from Soundcloud and Youtube, but I don’t think any of us really consider that as a place to find new music? Very interesting show – and you will no doubt be able to find it on D1’s Mixcloud Channel in due course…

Then, at midnight! DJ Gadget! Another super Trance show! Once again showcasing the sub-genre of Psy-Trance! He’s been playing a lot of Psy-Trance recently (which I love! For some reason, it gets my brain working! Pfft!) Just a random, off-the-cuff mix this week – but as enthralling as always!

Do join us next week if you can! Log in to the Chatroom! We love to hear from you!

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