Last week’s show: new releases, eclectic tunes and Psy-Trance!

The show began with Hardy playing an hour of recently released tunes, and a few that are coming out in the next couple of months! There were a couple from Soundcloud (that have even been played on BBC Radio 6!). Interesting, that acts who are getting air-play on national radio are nonetheless putting their stuff on-line…?

Shine followed with a Two-Hour Special! An eclectic mix of old, new, obscure and well-known! Something for everyone! But especially for those who enjoy the odd tune that’s a bit odd!

Chipko’s show was entirely Soundcloud-sourced! Number 8 in his series of ‘Sounds of Soundcloud’ - where he picks out the best of the Downtempo and Chill acts from those who publish there. What Chipko does with these shows is really useful – cos not every act on Soundcloud is producing top-quality music, of course!...

... So to have someone listen, and curate the best of the genre, and then play them for us so that we can seek out those acts?

That’s the joy of The Thursday Night Show!

Just sharing music with like-minded people!!

And at midnight! DJ Gadget! He gave us a proper mix of full-on Psy-Trance! He seems to have become hooked on the Psy, judging by his recent shows! Fantastic tunes – the sort of music that can get you up and dancing, but equally, sat and chilling, depending on your state of mind!

Do join us next week, if you can! Say ‘Hello!’ in the Chatroom! We will all be there – to answer questions, or just talk about silly nonsense!

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