Catch-up! First two shows of April!

So the Easter Holiday distracted me – this post will have to catch up on the last two weeks’ shows!!

The first TTNS of April began with Hardy playing some new releases, followed by Shine with his usual eclectic selection.

Then, David de Vynel returned to the show with the first of a new series! The A to Z of Alternative Music! An inspired choice of theme – and DDV is the man to do it! So he played us tracks from Blur, Carter USM, Daft Punk, Electric Six, etc…. Not just a single tune for each letter, mind – the music was dictating the playlist! He will be back with the next installment next month! Be sure to tune in!!

Whispers followed, playing more quality music, live from Doom’s studio, where Doom hovered in the background ready to take over at the top of the hour. The intention was to mash Whispers’s playlist with jungle beats! It should not have worked – but it did! An impromptu Dad-step, last minute, based on cues from the chatroom!

And Doom ended his show with a couple of his own recordings! Played on his home-built guitar! With his own vocals! Just so much talent!!! And the Chatroom was amusing too, with Gadget struggling to find the ampersand on his Mac keyboard! (It was important for some reason, at the time? No idea why, now, though! Ha! )

The following week, we had a Two-Hour Special from Lady Rowena! Her show is always a delight; a proper mix of random music, and frequently some crazy stories about her adventures with famous people from the music biz... This week was so much fun! And she let slip that in a future show, she might well have Wang, from Wang Chung, on her show! We are so lucky!!!

Kreations took over from Rowena, with a varied selection this week! Lots of different styles – mixed and blended beautifully. One of those shows that you look forward to listening to again; I hope he puts it up on Mixcloud!

(And we had an interesting discussion in the Chatroom about some tech stuff, too. Sound systems, bikes, internet connections. Also – consciousness in animals, evolution of eyes, use of tools by crows, intelligence of octopusses! Ha! When it’s quiet in the Chatroom, it’s nice to talk about random stuff with like-minded people!)

At 11pm UK time, Fondle the Dragon joined us live from Rhode Island in the US! And much like Kreations the previous hour – he stretched out into different genres… Rather than his usual Metal selection, he picked tunes that stretched the boundaries, but still managed to keep the show grounded. It was fantastic!

And then Chipko did a last-minute stand-in for Gadget – who was having to work late… Last-minute, but my goodness – so many good tracks! He put together a super show, in no time at all! Keeping the slot warm until Gadget made it back to his studio!

When Gadget made it back home, he launched into a proper Psy-Trance set, that had us all buzzing! His Psy-Trance mixes that he’s been doing recently are really something else! A nod back to the mid-90s, but all new stuff! So nice to hear!

Anyway, I shall post about last week’s show when I get a chance. I just needed to catch up on the two shows I missed!

If you log in to The Thursday Night Show any time you’ll hear recent shows playing on ‘the loop’ - where previous DJ’s slots have been recorded and play in rotation. So even if you miss the live sessions on the Thursday night – you can still catch up with what went out live!

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