Catch-up! Final two shows of April!

This year is going so quickly! I need to get up-to-date – so I shall do a quick write-up of the show previous to this week’s (otherwise, I’ll forget!) And then tell you about the last show, from Thursday just gone..

So, it was a ‘Guess the Theme’ to open the evening; lots of different styles of music, but each tune was chosen to relate to the ‘National Dark-Sky Week’. An annual event that has been running since 2003 in the hope of drawing attention to light pollution.

It’s a big issue, of course, for astronomers – who are finding it increasingly difficult to observe the night sky because so much artificial light is reflected from street-lights, office buildings, flood-lights, etc.

But it also draws attention to just how much energy is wasted in lighting up the sky each night, across the world! Given that the majority of our electricity is generated from burning fossil fuels – that so much of that energy is then just lighting up the sky? It’s an utter waste – literally, a visible example of squandering precious resources…

Then we had a Two-Hour Special from Old Father Shine! Always a treat! He picked tunes, as usual, from all decades, and many genres; quality choices, ranging from well-known hits to obscure album tracks!

At 10.00pm we had one of Rut’s Drum & Bass mixes! He’s a star! He’s a proper DJ, and always plays us fresh tracks! And it’s a joy, too, to hear him mix – he’s spot on every time; just wonderful to hear!

At 11.00pm Jack and Anaseed went live with another Lonely Artist Cast show! It’s ‘zoo radio’ - playing mostly 80s tracks between random chatting!! So much fun! They’ve got charisma – and amused us this week with some ‘light-core’ (or is it ‘night-core’?) I don’t know! But it was really funny, hearing the crazy tunes, and hearing Jack and Anaseed giggling about them!

Last week’s show began with another ‘Guess the Theme’ - this time a succession of tracks that roughly followed the course of events of the film ‘Alien’ - it was ‘Aliens Day’!! A promotion by 20th Century Fox in honour of the ‘Aliens’ Franchise. All about the merchandising, of course! But still, if you like the Aliens films, that’s fine!

Shine followed, with lots of reggae and dub this week – very enjoyable, as always!

And it was Patron’s Night this week! We missed last month’s, due to a scheduling problem, I think? But this month’s made up for it! Live music from the Big Beach Cafe in Brighton. Lots of acts, playing live, and as a listener you could sense how much fun they were all having!

The event was hosted by Nick, with Doom taking care of the streaming to The Thursday Night Show. Which he accomplished using a prototype hardware streaming device, of his own design – housed in a tic-tac box! Good grief! Many hours of programming, and the result was solid! Patron’s Night streamed to the world from a tiny circuit board on a cafe table!

So we heard from Sweet & Lowdown, Tony Lewis, Jim McCormick, Liam Borrowman, the Beachy Head Music Club, Mick & Flick (although, Flick was not available, so two chaps filled in for her – Mike and Dan? Can’t remember!) Ditchling Rise. And Patrick Bergin! He was a proper treat! And Nick did a super job of MCing the evening!

And all through the show, Whispers was taking photos, sending them to Chipko, who put them up on the Canvass at, so we could all see what was going on! It was a wonderful event!

D1 Radio took the air at 11.00pm with a selection of ‘Vintage Hip-Hop & Other Jams’. Something of an education for this listener! I’m not a huge fan of hip-hop, generally, but it was so interesting hearing these tunes!

Then Gadget ended the evening, as usual, with a psy-trance mix – to get your brain working! Ha! Proper music for the mind!

Next week David de Vynel is back with the second of his ‘A-Z of Alternative Music! Hardy opens, and Gadget plays till the early hours, as always. And there will be a Drum & Bass mix from Danja, beats from Digit3, and another Dadstep mashup from Doom! Do join us in the Chatroom if you can!

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