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'As seen on TV!'

The​ Thursday Night Show is a live Internet show combining Internet Radio and Artist Expos

With the price of a beer in a club beyond sane, and most of us growing up with  responsibilities this is the way to make your Thursday evening in into an evening out... Perhaps turn the stream up, open a bottle of wine and have a Kitchen Disco!!!

And we realise no one wants to sit and stare at a laptop screen all night.

We think you would prefer to listen to a range of music that is, most importantly, either a live DJ mix or a band from somewhere in the world, and at the same time see some images shown  live by their creator  on our real time 'canvas' to wallpaper your room while you listen in..

We have live chat room links available with the DJs and artists so if you <LIKE> their work and say hi in the chat room they will respond there and then.. 

..and you can take it from there..

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